Tangled (Going to the Dogs, #6) Zoe Dawson





Tangled (Going to the Dogs, #6)  by  Zoe  Dawson

Tangled (Going to the Dogs, #6) by Zoe Dawson
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A companion novella to Leashed, Going to the Dogs, #1. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if youve already read Leashed.Callie and Owen are getting married, but there’s always been something that’s bothered Callie. Owen has never opened up about his childhood, never confided in her what formed him into the man he was today.As they tie the knot, Callie’s determined that now that Owen is her husband, she has a right to know about his past.

A past Owen would rather die than reveal to his beautiful new wife. His past is ugly and brutal. He’s worried that Callie will see him in a different light. He can’t take the chance.But as they embark on their new life together, Callie can’t let it go and Owen won’t open up. How can their marriage progress in light of what Callie feels is Owen’s distrust. Will their marriage even survive the honeymoon?

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