Samantha: An American Girl Box Set Maxine Rose Schur





Samantha: An American Girl Box Set  by  Maxine Rose Schur

Samantha: An American Girl Box Set by Maxine Rose Schur
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A small part of my heart will always love American Girl. Samantha was probably one of my favorites, and I started crying when I heard they retired her. I hate the doll they replaced her with on Principal. The Samantha books are also set in an area of I find fascinating: the early 1900s. During this time, the world was changing.

Cars were starting to be seen on the streets, electricity was in homes, and women started to fight for their right to vote. Samantha is caught between a clash of tradition and new ideas. Her Grandmary wants her to be be a proper young lady while her Aunt Cornelia wants her to speak her mind. She struggles to find a solid middle ground. What Ive always admired about the character of Samantha is her kindness. She befriends Nellie without worrying about the other girls social background and even teaches her how to read.

Samantha even risks breaking the law to get Nellie and her sisters out of the orphanage. Susan S. Adler has created a good role model for any young girls, and I plan to hand down these books to my daughter one day.

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